Jaguar Fun Facts and Bonus Baby Jaguar Video

The Jaguar is the largest cat found in the Americas. The compact body, broad head, and powerful jaws help the Jaguar reach the status of a top-level predator.  Jaguars are known to eat deer, peccary, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, deer, sloths, tapirs, turtles, eggs, frogs, fish and anything else they can catch.

Notice in pictures below the difference between a Jaguar’s eyes and a regular house cats eyes.  Do you see something different?

10509Cub 2.jpg


The pupil (the black part in the middle) in a cat’s eye is typically a vertical slit, however the Jaguar’s pupil is round like a human.  This allows more light into the eye and helps the Jaguar to hunt in the dark.

The map below shows the range of the Jaguar:


Check out this video of a baby jaguar!

Jaguar Fun Facts